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Dadhija Daughter of milk
Daksha The earth; Sati, wife of Shiva
Dakshakanya Able daughter
Dakshata Skill
Dakshayani Goddess Durga
Dakshina A donation to god or priest
Dalaja Produced from petals
Dalia Branch
Dalina Valleys
Damayanti Nala's wife
Damini Lightning
Damyanti Beautiful
Dania The name of a City in Florida
Danna To give , Gift
Darcee A Celtic Name meaning 'The Dark One'
Darika maiden
Darpana A mirror
Darpanika A small mirror
Darsani Worth looking at; Another name for Goddess Durga
Darshana Seeing
Darshini The one who blesses
Darshwana pure of heart
Dawn Sun arising*
Daya Kindness

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