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OK, OK, I see what you are coming at! Inspite going through so many South Indian names and North Indian names for your baby Girl, you still could not find one right South Indian baby Girl name or North Indian baby Girl name. Yes, It is not an easy task after all Name is the one asset that you are going to give your baby Girl right away. So do not compromise until you find the South Indian baby name or North Indian baby name that you like.

Maadharasi Queen of Women
Maalai Garland of Flowers
Maalini As Beautiful as Flowers, and Sweet; also Malini
Maanasa mind
Maanika Ruby
Maargali Name of an Auspicious Month
Maari Prosperous; Goddess of Rain
Maariyammal Prosperous; Goddess of Rain; See Maari
Maasila Pure; Without Blemish
Madeeha Praiseworthy
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers; springtime
Madhavilata A flowering creeper
Madhu Honey
Madhubala sweet girl
Madhuchanda pleasing metrical composition
Madhuchhanda Pleasing metrical composition
Madhuja Made of honey
Madhuksara One who showers honey
Madhul Sweet
Madhula Sweet
Madhulata Sweet creeper
Madhulekha Beautiful
Madhulika Honey
Madhulla Pomegranate
Madhumalati A flowering creeper

Yes, we know what you are saying, you have seen so many South Indian baby names and North Indian baby names but have not find a good one so far. How about going through the below list of South Indian baby Girl names and North Indian baby Girl names and see if you like any?

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