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With literally thousands of south Indian baby Girl names and north Indian baby Girl names available, it is really tough for a parent to go through the big list of Girl baby names. However with world wide web, now the process of finding a name for your baby Girl has been made easier. And we are trying to contribute our bit by listing more South Indian names and North Indian names for your baby Girl.

Saabira Patient
Saachee Beloved
Saachi Truth
Saadh Goodluck or Brightness
Saakshi (Sakshi) The Eye Witness.
Saaliha Good; Useful
Saalima Safe; Healthy
Saamiya Elevated; Lofty
Saanjh Evening
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Saashi Moon
Saatvika Calm
Saba Early morning breeze
Sabari An Old Women who helped Lord Rama in his search for Sita.
Sabeena Beautiful
Sabiha Beautiful*
Sabita Beautiful sunshine
Sabrang Rainbow
Sabri Lord Ram's devotees
Sabrina Princess
Sabyahata Ethics and Morals
Sabzara Greenery or Evergreen
Sachi Wife of Lord Indra
Sachika Kind
Sachita Wise
Sadabhuja Goddess Durga
Sadaf Pearl

So it is taking so much time, but see the good side, by spending so much time to get the right name for your baby, you are already proving that you are a loving and caring parent!! What a lucky baby! Here is more South Indian baby Girl names and North Indian baby Girl names for you.

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