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Yes, we know what you are saying, you have seen so many South Indian baby names and North Indian baby names but have not find a good one so far. How about going through the below list of South Indian baby Girl names and North Indian baby Girl names and see if you like any?

Zaafira Victorious; Successful
Zahbia Beautiful*
Zahida Zahida is an Arabic name meaning Ascetic or humble. It is a woman who finds peace in natures solitude. Always considering the
Zahira Shining; Luminous
Zahra Beautiful, fair
Zahraa White
Zahrah Flower; Beauty; Star
Zaina Beautiful
Zainab Name of Prophet's daughter
Zakiyaa Pure
Zakohla African Name Meaning The Special Blessings From God.
Zalak Instant appearance
Zalma Variant of selma. Meaning secure and comely.
Zanea Mounatin Fairy. An Etruscan name
Zankhana Deep desire
Zara Little
Zarine Golden
Zarna A small stream of sweet water
Zeena A Hospitable Woman
Zeenat Beauty
Zehba Gold*
Zelda The strong jackass
Zena A Hospitable Woman
Zenobia Means 'A Father's Pride' in Arabic

Whether you want a South Indian baby Girl names or North Indian baby Girl name or a Tamil baby Girl name or Telugu baby Girl Name or Sanskrit baby Girl name or any other Indian baby Girl name, we have a huge database of Indian baby Girl names for you to choose. Please read the list of South Indian baby names and North Indian baby names below for more baby Girl names

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